Rationale For The Centre

K.N Raj Centre sets the agenda for a new path of teaching and research in Economics. The epistemological foundation of Economics as a discipline and its frontier areas have expanded with the distinct contributions made by scholars, intellectuals, statesmen and policymakers. While retaining its dominant concerns, Economics has transcended its classical parameters, incorporating a variety of theories and experiences from other social sciences, particularly from Political Science, History, Sociology, and Anthropology. This has helped to enlarge the scope of the discipline, and the profound changes that have come about across the world, in the recent past, only serve to underscore the growing importance of the study of Economics.

The main objective of the Centre is to create a Centre of Excellence in Economics and Public Policy with specialisation in Planning and Fiscal Federalism in the country. The devolution of resources / power from the Centre to sub-national units (States / PRIs) under the aegis of the GST Council / NeetiAyog / Planning Commission / Finance Commission / Central Ministries has been an integral part of this discourse on Centre-State financial relations. Issues related to public debt of the Union and State governments, transfer of power / resources to PRIs, allocation of tax proceeds by GST Council are also discussed as part of multi-level finance or Fiscal Federalism in the country. The K.N. Raj Centre will contribute, in a major way, towards strengthening the study and research in these areas of planning and fiscal federalism.

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